André O Ferguson

International Speaker

Expert In Helping Men Transform Their Relationships, Overcoming Aversity And The Effects Of Fatherlessnees, Helping Men Take Back Control Of Their Narrative

My Story

André Ferguson is an international speaker, author, coach and an expert in overcoming adversity.

He’s also fun, dynamic, entertaining – and the no-stress speaker clients love to work with.

André went from a depressed 10-year-old boy to an emotionally unavailable young man, trying to survive on the streets of London. In spite of this, André refused to quit, and through sheer faith, self-discipline, drive, hard work and the influence of some amazing people; André has transformed his life into something beautiful.

He went from running from immigration to becoming the founder of a deaf organisation that went on to support over two hundred deaf children in London; his driving force being his daughter losing her hearing.

André has also set up “story of man” another organisation that moves in support of young men at risk, and again, this organisation has gone on to save numerous young men from prison, a life of crime, or even death.

André sits on London’s FA disability inclusion board, is now a qualified football coach, and was the winner of the “inclusion partner of the year” award in 2014, among many other successes. This is the astonishing true story of a man who continued to move from strength to strength, against all odds, and now he wants every man and woman out there to know that they can too.

Why Book André To Speak

He Is Real

André brings REAL world experience. He offers versatile insights from different points on the spectrum. From his own experience of rebuilding his own life, to the point where he is now a successful family man and business owner. He works with corporations, associations, organizations of various sizes, teenagers, and educators, he has  “walked the mile” in different shoes. With business mentorship programs as one of his specialties, André definitely understands what it takes to lead and succeed in today’s world.

He Is Original And Authentic

There will be no Death by PowerPoint Presentations, no “canned” speeches and no dry or dreary lectures. Just a passionate and purpose-driven performance your audience will thank you for!

He Is Cool Like The Breeze

André is as they say in his country of Jamaica “cool like the breeze”, high-performance, low maintenance and a high-quality speaker that makes him a client’s dream to work with. His ability to slot easily into any setup is one of the reasons he gets invited back again and again.

Young People Engage and Connect With Him

If you want your young people to get inspired and engage with someone who can help to dig deep inside themselves and maximise their full potential, then André is your man. André is passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people which is why he speaks in schools at least twice a week.

Everyone Connects With His Message

Even though André’s mission is to help men learn from their back story in order to write the next chapter of their life and take back control of their narrative, teenagers to Millennials to Baby Boomers and everything in between can relate to his life lessons. André’s message resonates with all ages, industries, and professions. He knows how to engage, entertain, and educate people in powerful new ways.



André’s delivery is punchy, lasting, powerful, and inspiring. Your audience will come away from the event with a better understanding of their “why”, clarity of purpose, and empowering, practical, actionable tools to help them maximise their full potential and fulfill their potential.


Our world is always changing which can be confusing at times. As people, the way we manage our lives, communicate, collaborate, and connect must be flexible enough to adapt, change, and grow as well. André helps people in the audience create the type of mindsets they need to function and succeed in this ever-changing world with more confidence and less stress!


As a truth and empowerment speaker, André offers the best of two worlds: A high-quality and powerful message on how to overcome adversity and creating both the type of life you want to live and the moments that matter. Your audience will feel the WOW power from jaw-dropping life experiences he had been through and overcame, and expertly delivered messages filled with actionable strategies and insights.


An incredible combination of humour, stories, militancy, strategies, and relevant messaging, André reaches and connects with every member of your audience. Whether they are young, old, in leadership, a teacher, a social worker, or a salesperson, he’ll have them empowered, captivated, inspired, and eager to take positive action!


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