Are A Busy Professional Man Who Has Lost The Spark In Your Relationship?

Learn How To Choose Love And Transform Your Relationship In Less Than 40 Days.

Are You Feeling Broken, Tired and Questioning Is This Relationship Even Working Anymore? … I Have A Quick, Full Proof And Proven Solution…

Focused Goal Setting

Let’s discuss what you want to be and how to get you there.

Transformational Relationship Coaching

I firmly believe a man can’t be a real king without his queen. As men, what we really want from our relationship is peace of mind. We’ll address how to cultivate and maintain a happy, healthy, fun and progressive relationship.

Stress Management

Having been depressed and suicidal as a boy and a young man, having been homeless, and overcoming all that, to now running successful businesses and having a beautiful family, I am in the perfect position to help you with practical tools to manage your stress and overwhelmed state. Let’s address it together.

Identifying Your Purpose

Finding your purpose. Your “why” is the single most important aspect of manhood. You must find your purpose before you even start thinking about anything else. I will be guiding you and giving you the tools to uncover your purpose.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching


Feel like it’s time to make a change in your life, but you can’t find a way?


I’m here to help 


Not only to help you find your purpose and release that LION inside you, but also to help you deal with the baby mama drama, to show that you have legal rights too. To help deal with issues not having a father has caused. To help you deal with the depression we don’t talk about as men. To help you find the king inside you that God created you to be. You and I as a team, to get you to the place where you have overcome, where you are maximizing your potential, and where you are living your purpose.  


What Does My Coaching Look Like?

Self Worth

You will uncage the Lion inside you so you can live your purpose. Through goal-setting methods and self-worth work, you’ll be able to do the following: 1) achieve your goals, 2) develop goal daily habits, 3) remove the negative and toxic people from your life, 4) live your dreams, 5) face your struggles and conquer them. 

Self Esteem

Through diligence and perseverance, you’ll implement clear, practical, actionable and proven strategies to successfully conquer your struggles. You’ll master the following: 1) the type of communication you need to have with yourself and others, 2) practices that will help you get to where you need to be by understanding your value, 3) building better relations, 4) guarding your thoughts and accepting your reality; to finally write the next chapters of the story of your life.

Self Confidence

We were all created with a purpose, to leave a positive mark on this beautiful earth that God created and we are all destined to do great things in some way. You will clearly identify and fulfill your purpose; which will not only fill you with confidence, but will also energise you to take action. While society is feeling the effects of the modern man’s dilemma, society itself is also a major contributor to issues men face. Rediscover your destiny and purpose, learn the definition of your true identity as a man, identify your role and play it.

Self Determination

Self-determination is a key component in the journey of becoming the man you were destined to be. Learning and mastering the fundamental steps that are needed to get you there cannot be overstated. Identifying your purpose, and learning how to be self-motivated after identifying your purpose can bring you to a position to use that as your mission and potentially get paid for doing so. You will leave our session feeling like you now have a clear plan of attack for each and every one of the issues you face. You will be well on your way to Mastering Manhood and writing your own story.

What Is Life Coaching?
Do you need a life mentor?


If the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes”, then I can help you write the next chapters of your life. 




Want to become the man you know you were created to be?

Uncover the role you’re meant to play, and start drawing the road map to get you there.

Do you want to transform your relationship with your with your wife/girlfriend?

If your relationships are struggling, or if they’re good but you want to improve them, then it’s time to focus on what truly matters and shift your perspective. With actionable steps, communication tools and introspection, you’ll master your relationships.

Want to overcome your porn addiction?

Finally build a fulfilling life for yourself that does not involve comparing or looking at anyone else, but how you are going to leave a positive footprint in society.

Feel like you want to give up?

Find out what makes you feel valued, loved and gives you conviction. You need to answer these questions and work on building a more positive outlook on how precious your life is.

My Approach

There is a great leader in every man. My belief is that if ever man understood their purpose, their calling and their identity; the current confusion, anger and violent destructive tendencies of today’s men could be replaced by confidence, love and purpose. As men, we are only at our happiest and most fulfilled when we can confidently identify our true purpose and realise that we have a crucial role to play in the health, and direction of our society. Being able to access and learn from our past is not only an individual need; it is a responsibility we must take, to truly make a change in our lives, other’s lives and society at large.


  • Self-confidence: self-awareness, daily habits, goal setting, removing toxic people
  • Self-worth:
  • Self-esteem (what makes us feel valuable, self-love and conviction, know your purpose, your conviction, your reason for living)
  • Self-determination (purpose, motivation, mission, vocation)


How It Works

Schedule a Free 1:1

Let’s discuss what your needs are and how we can get you there.

6x 90min 1:1 sessions over three months. I will take you to different inspirational venues based on your needs.



Personalised Coaching Plan

Let’s do your needs analysis and customise your personal coaching plan. I offer unlimited feedbacks on anything related to the plan we have worked on and how you put it in place. Purpose, baby mama drama, manhood, children, and parental rights. Free access to my workshops and courses during the time we are working together.

Reach Your Goals

You will have resources and reading materials on manhood, purpose, relationships, fatherhood and depression based on your requirements and needs. Unlimited messaging and calls within work hours are also encouraged so we can talk about any issues you might have or just how your journey is going.

Still Have Questions?