We have all been taught since an early age that life is a competition and anyone more successful than us is a threat. This is especially true when it comes to women. They are seen as a threat and suddenly when a man meets a successful woman their sense of security is lost. That is a general perception, but is it true?

Reasons why men may be intimidated by successful women

In every home, there are power dynamics that we witness from an early age. In most houses, it’s the male who has the upper hand. As an impressionable boy, you internalize that and this manifests at a later age.

When you meet a more successful woman, your sense of worth is lost because suddenly what you have seen during your social upbringing contradicts that. You think that someone else’s strength and success is the absence of your own and you feel inferior. 

The times we were living in were also different. Nowadays, women also provide financially and have their independence. So what is it really that the men must bring to the table?

What men bring to the table?

Young men after being brought up in a certain environment only want the upper hand and manipulate young women. A strong young woman will not be a party to it and set boundaries from the start.

This kind of confidence and strength threatens young men so they would rather be with someone they can easily deceive. 

However, as most young men grow they realize that that they have to step up and bring other things to the table rather than just finances. 

They overtime realize that they are capable of bringing many things a strong woman would appreciate such as wisdom, laughter, reliability, trustworthy confidante, companionship and emotional security.

These are amazing qualities that every human being should have and they make you more of a man. 

As a man, you realize that a strong woman will empower you and make you be a better version of yourself. Possibly, the best. Boys can’t handle a strong woman because they don’t want to do the work to be a better individual.

Men, however, know that a strong woman empowers you. A strong woman will give you the love and respect you deserve, and you will have to be her emotional pillar as well.

Bottom line

Being with a successful woman doesn’t mean that you are weak. It doesn’t take away your manhood. You become more of a man by assessing your capabilities and living up to them.

A strong woman will just make the man she is with stronger and there is no reason to feel inferior or threatened. 

As a man, they teach you to be emotionally open and provide emotional security. That is what every successful and strong woman needs. You just have to step up, be a man and provide her with that while still maintaining your own identity and success. 

There is a reason they say “Behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”