I’m André O Ferguson

International Speaker,Life & Relationship Coach,Mentor

I Help Men Learn How To Choose Love And Transform Their Relationships

I am a Life And Relationship Coach

I will be working with you on a personal level to help you understand your key challenges. Together, let us overcome them through learning how to choose love with my transformational approach and taking direct action.

International Speaker

André brings REAL world experience. He offers versatile insights from different points on the spectrum. From his own experience of rebuilding his own life, to the point where he is now a successful family man and business owner. He works with corporations, associations, organizations of various sizes, teenagers, and educators, he has “walked the mile” in different shoes. With business mentorship programs as one of his specialties, André definitely understands what it takes to lead and succeed in today’s world.
Helping You Take Control Of Your Narrative

Unlock your full potential. Say hello to the real man in you.

I was invited to speak at a corporate conference. Speaking before me was the managing director of People Plus, the company that invited me to share my story on that day. He was very nervous and kept asking me if I was too. “No”, I said, “Because I’m about to tell my story”. I was buzzing, and couldn’t wait to get out there to share my message. This was the story of how my daughter had lost her hearing at the age of one, and how I had set up an organisation to support deaf children and their siblings. I was speaking to a room of a thousand people, all of whom were leaders in their respective fields.
Suffice to say at the end of my talk, I was the only speaker of the day to get a standing ovation; and have numerous people tell me how inspired and motivated they were by my talk. The biggest win was the two investors who came up to me and offered to sponsor the bilingual school idea I had spoken about.
My daughter now dances for the Royal Dance Academy and is the first deaf child to have done so to date. I have managed to go from sleeping on the streets begging for food, to being the founder of my own organisation, and living in my purpose.

What Is Life Coaching?
Do you need a life mentor?

 If the answer to any of the following questions is “Yes”, then I can help you write the next chapters of your life. 

Want to become the man you know you were created to be ?
Uncover the role you’re meant to play, and start drawing the road map to get you there.
Do you want to transform your relationship with your wife/girlfriend

If your relationships are struggling, or if they’re good but you want to improve them, then it’s time to focus on what truly matters and shift your perspective. With actionable steps, communication tools and introspection, you’ll master your relationships.

Feel like you want to give you?

Find out what makes you feel valued, loved and gives you conviction. You need to answer these questions and work on building a more positive outlook on how precious your life is.

Want a overcome your porn addiction?

I firmly believe a man can’t be a real King without his Queen. As men, what we really want from our relationship is peace of mind. We’ll address how to cultivate and maintain a happy, healthy and fun progressive relationship

About Me

Hi, I’m Andre. I’m a family man, speaker, coach, and mentor. I help the modern man go from struggle to victory by helping him realise the reasons for his struggles and helping him to live his purpose.
Through my journey and my life, I became the founder of Deaf is Cool and the story of man mentoring program; two entities I created while seeking to become a better person and a better man myself.
When I left my beautiful homeland of Jamaica at age 19, I had no idea how hard life would hit me. I was trying to escape my reality, the deep depression I was in and the suicidal thoughts I was having. I was seeking a happier life. Little did I know I was jumping from the frying pan into the fire. I ended up living on the streets of London for the first two years of being there. A few years later, my first child was losing her hearing at the age of one, and I was on the run from immigration.
But God had a plan and I simply had to trust him. I’m in a much better place now; and my hardship, experiences and struggles helped me find my life’s mission: help men learn from their back story to write their yet unwritten next chapter in life.

My Values & Beliefs

Integrity And TrustIntegrity And Trust
I operate with honesty and transparency, and I will treat you with the utmost respect at all times.

Dedication and Commitment

My hardship, experiences and struggles have helped me find my life’s mission. This is more than a job to me; this is my calling. I truly believe I am on this earth to help men become better, and I am fully committed to making a difference in the lives of as many men as possible.


This is a two-way street, I will hold you accountable for the goals you set while we work together. I also expect you to hold me accountable for helping you to get there.

My Approach


There is a great leader in every man. My belief is that if all men understood their purpose, their calling and their identity; the current confusion, anger and violent destructive tendencies of today’s men could be replaced by confidence, love and purpose. As men, we are only at our happiest and most fulfilled when we can confidently identify our true purpose and realise that we have a crucial role to play in the health, and direction of our society. Being able to access and learn from our past is not only an individual need; it is a responsibility that we must take to truly make changes in our lives, other’s lives, and society at large.

Self-confidence: self-awareness, daily habits, goal setting, removing toxic people
Self-esteem (what makes us feel valuable, self-love and conviction, know your purpose, your conviction, your reason for living)
Self-determination (purpose, motivation, mission, vocation)


“Working with Andre has been one of the best if (not the best) investment I’ve made in my life so far. I think he’s definitely a mentor that every young guy needs if they want to make something of themselves and don’t have any male role models to look up to as an example. He’s challenging and encouraging which is a perfect combination for growth. I wanted someone that was way ahead of me in manhood so I could learn from them and I’d say I got even more than that.”

“I remember when I was going through a very rough patch in my life (being married to the wrong girl and couldn’t shake it), where a crucial decision had to be made but I was afraid to face the obvious outcome (to admit I made a BIG mistake and move on). Andre and I have heart to heart conversations often when we communicate. You see, I feel like we’re more brothers and friends, as opposed to him being my coach as we have similar personalities. He said, “Breda, you don’t look good. You’ve lost weight. This is not you. You don’t have to continue in this. Remember that we August men (Leo) are strong, God-fearing and resilient. You’re better than this. Remember who you are and I got your back.” That resonated with me for years, which helped me to take a grip on my life and be the man I am today…right now. Thanks, bro, I am not afraid to say “I love you, breda, for life.”

“I have spent my entire work life chasing the corporate dream. This required me putting work first, at all times, resulting in endless hours working, forgetting some of the more important things in life. I must admit I lost focus for a very long time!

Andre has helped me to refocus my energies, on the little things which account for the greatest of life’s treasures:

Family, work-life balance, diet and exercise, and just simply being able to enjoy the things that contribute to great memories. Life is about memories and people and the lives you’ve impacted.

I have since changed jobs, to a very senior role, but have adapted several principles preached and taught by Andre. I have moved from working 14-hour days to working no more than 8 hours per day. I have changed from working a 7 day work-week to only 5, while still being able to contribute at the highest levels for my organization.

This has significantly improved my quality of life and relationships.

Thanks, Andre”

Online Coaching Resources

How To Overcome Adversity In Ten Steps

What Will You Learn On This Course?

How to guard your thoughts.
Accept your reality.
Live in the moment.
Remove toxic people.
Build strong meaningful. relationships.
Identify your purpose.
Embrace your story and learn from your past.
Only own what is yours.
Find ways to have fun.
Have a strong belief system.

story of man nation

The story of man nation is a family of men that support each other to become their best self. We discuss various issues affecting men and I give practical advice on how to overcome these issues.



  1. Book club
  2. Weekly Virtual Session
  3. Whatsapp Group
  4. Mentoring
  5. Investest As Part Of The Group
  6. The Opportunity To Give Back By Mentoring A Risk Men
  7. Replay Sessions
  8. No Contract, No Nonsense


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Key Benefits To Working With Me

Learn how to choose love and transform your relationship
Make your wife happier/partner happier
Start enjoy the fullness of your life with daily practical tasks
Overcome your porn addiction
Personalised Workbook Tailored to your needs
Online Calls or In-Person Meetings
Achieve Your Goals Daily with a Planned Roadmap of Daily Steps
Master your Self Esteem
Build Your Confidence
Be Empowered through practical steps to build your relationships
Increase your determination
Build A Personalised Plan of Action
Develop a growth mindset for your relationships
See conflict as an opportunity for growth and deeper understanding
Understand why love fades and how to reignite love and intimacy
Create a new vision for your relationship based on your true desires


Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!